Initially only engaged in the blending of chemical mixtures and solutions into marketable and convenient quantities, our facilities are now licensed to provide "cradle-to-grave" management and coordination of industrial waste.
- Waste Recycling
- Reclamation of Precious Metals
- Transportation
- Waste Reduction and Minimisation
Regulated waste can vary from small volumes of laboratory chemicals to bulk waste from clean-up sites. Being regulated by the Environmental Quality Act, all such contaminants and waste need to be profiled. Hence, before accepting any waste, we first perform sampling and analysis of the material to determine its structural characteristics. After the waste is profiled we provide you with a firm fixed price for the waste characterisation, transportation and disposal/recycling.
Our carefully engineered and maintained treatment facilities use guaranteed and proven processes to treat and recycle industrial waste. Fully equipped laboratories and unique data management systems provide the information needed to support the management of all processes.
All incoming waste is inspected, anlysed and monitored from the initial stage of receipt through processing and product completion.
Waste is treated and recycled back into its basic marketable form. This process is designed to reclaim those constituents that can be converted into usable products, an energy recovery principle that we strongly uphold. The recycled constituents are channelled back into the mainstream of commerce as commercially and environmentally viable products and inputs for various production needs.
In line with our efforts to create a cleaner and more balanced environment, we manage our facilities in an efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible manner. These facilities are subject to routine environmental audits by the authorities to ensure compliance with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards.
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